Friday, 14 December 2012

My inspiration for cooking

'Hmm! Antoinette your mum is an amazing cook', said a family friend with a smile.  Everyone at dinner in unison agreed with a nod or muffled noise of hmm..

Having to wake up early on Saturdays to get fresh ingredients from the market, I watched with intrigue, my mum interacting with stall holders, negotiating deals, touching and smelling each ingredient. Sometimes a visit to the market could take almost 6 hrs, due to mums negotiations and also wanting the very best of ingredients.

I watched mum handpick quality ingredients, mix spices to create amazing seasoning and marinating with mixed herbs to create amazing flavours.

My passion for cooking was heightened and I began creating flavours. Before long I was cooking for a minimum of  8 people each night for dinner. I enjoy watching people love what I have created. My favourite Uncle will visit everyday for his share of dinner. I always made sure I had some reserved for him. Good food does bring people together and it does ignite all their senses.

I love sourcing good quality ingredients, exploring new ingredients, creating flavours, infusions and sharing my passion, thanks to my mum, my inspiration.

Learn to cook with passion, create flavours by mixing spices or herbs, turn everyday ingredients into show stopping meals with lip-smacking flavours. For all enquiries please  email

Caramel Cashew Nuts
"KUBEY CAKE".. Handmade caramel Coconut and Ginger bites.
Paying homage to a Ghanaian sweet

Spicy black eyed beans and avocado salad.

Yam with spinach, mackerel and melon seed sauce

Pan fried cod  in thyme served with Jasmine rice, ginger and chilli hoisin sauce

My beautiful mum Paula and I.