Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Clay pot baked Suya Chicken

Suya is a popular West African peanut based dry spice mix with it's origin from the Northern part of Nigeria. The perfect dry rub for your meat, vegetables and poultry. You can purchase Suya spice from most African shops and it will be available soon on my website.enjoy this quick to follow recipe for a healthy lunch or dinner.

Serves 4
1.4kg of corn fed chicken cut into individual portions. (Use the carcas for stock)
1 rind and juice of lemon
3 tablespoons of olive oil
3 tablespoon of Suya spice
2 large red onions cut lengthways 
9 fresh bay leaves
6 Grains of Selim
2 bags of mixed green salad 
Salt and Pepper to taste

Pre-heat your oven to 160*c. In a clay pot, add your chicken pieces, the rind, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and juices of the lemon. 

Using clean hands, mix the chicken and lemon together making sure the chicken absorbs the juice. (Make sure you wash your hands and clean your tap after handling the chicken). Leave to marinade for about 15 minutes.

Add 2 tablespoon of Suya and using your clean hands rub it evenly over the chicken. (Please wash your hands thoroughly with soap after this).

Spread your sliced onions, fresh bay leaves and Grains of Selim over the chicken. 

Place in the oven for 1hr 10minutes. The bay leaf and Grains of Selim will infuse their flavour into the chicken which complements the Suya. 

Remove from the oven and let the chicken rest for 15minutes before serving.

In a bowl add the remaining olive oil, salt and pepper and mix with your salad. 

Pile some salad in the middle of a plate, place a piece of Chicken on top of the salad, scoop a tablespoon of the chicken juices over the chicken and sprinkle with some Suya and serve. 

Best served with freshly tapped cold palm wine or chilled beer. 

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