Friday, 3 April 2015


Sometime last year, I was gifted, fresh cassava and plantain by my Aunt.
The thought of making Fufu the traditional way, (by boiling both Plantain and Cassava)till soft, filled me with excitement and concern. How was I going to pound the mixture into a soft smooth starchy texture, using a large wooden (pestle and mortar?

I don't own a pestle and mortar , more so, the extra help required in pounding  and the skill of playing hide and seek with my hands, as the pestle hits the mortar. Above all, I'm not sure my neighbours will appreciate the pounding noise.

I had this idea to use the same method of making 'Banku' to create my 'Fufu'. 
The more I thought about it, the more excited I was, ( I knew it would work). 
If the Fufu powder used to make 'Fufu' is a blend of dried Plantain and Cassava, why won't the fresh ingredients work? 
Follow this recipe, preserve your soft palms, make fresh Fufu for one without the additional stress and manpower required. Enjoy!

Serves 2-3
2 large peeled Plantains cut into chunks 
1 large peeled, de-stringed and diced Cassava into small chunks
800ml of water

Blend the  raw Cassava , raw Plantain and 600ml of water together into a smooth mixture 

Pour the mixture into a saucepan, and place on a medium heat. 
Using a wooden spatula, keep stirring till you have a smooth, thick steamed paste. This should take about 8-10min. 

Please don't be tempted to leave it alone when you're in the process of thickening the batter. This is to avoid having lumps in your 'Fufu'. 
Add the remaining 200ml of water to the Fufu, cover the saucepan with it's lid, reduce the heat to a lower setting and steam for 8-10min

Increase the heat to a medium fire and stir the mixture till well combined. 
Please don't be alarmed, if your Fufu looks too soft at this stage,  it get's firmer once cooled down. 

Pour the Fufu into a bowl, smear the surface with a teaspoon  of water ( to prevent any film forming on the surface and leave to cool down completely. 

Once cooled, shape into your preferred ball and serve with your favourite soup. 

Try this Fufu with the Mutton Light soup recipe here on my blog. 

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