Monday, 15 August 2016


Serves 8
Prep time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 1hr


600g black-eyed beans soaked overnight 
800ml of water
300g of washed brown Ghanaian rice,
1 teaspoon of salt
600ml of coconut milk.
3 tablespoons of Coconut oil
3 tablespoonfuls, of blended green chillies and shallot paste (Blend 10 green chillies and 1 large shallot together). 

In a clay or casserole pot, add the soaked beans, 800ml of water and place on a medium heat. 
Cook the beans for 25 minutes and pre heat your oven to 200*c
Add the washed brown rice, coconut milk, coconut oil, chilli paste, salt and pepper. Mix everything together, cover with the lid and place in the pre heated oven for 25-35 minutes. 

You can add Kaun (edible potash) to the beans for a quicker cooking time. 

Baked Lamb

Prep time: 25min
Cooking Time: 1hr 30 min


1kg shoulder or leg of arm, cut into chunks. 
3 cloves of Garlic
10 green chillies. 
2 Onions
30g of Ginger
Cumin seeds
Shrimp stock cube
Salt and Pepper to taste


Pre heat your oven to 200*c
Blend the Garlic, Ginger, Chillies, Onions, Cumin seeds and shrimp stock together to as paste. 
In a bowl, marinade the Lamb with the spice mix for at least an hour. 
Transfer the Lamb to a clay pot or casserole dish, cover with its lid and bake for about an hour and a half. Separate the meat and stock and set aside. 

Waakye Stew

Prep time: 25min
Cooking Time: 42 min 


1kg of blended tomatoes 
125g of Tomato purée mixed with 150ml of water to a smooth paste. 
Blend 1 shallot and 10 green chillies together
Blend 1 shallot, 2 cloves of garlic and 30g of Ginger together
2 large sliced Onions
1 large sliced onion set aside
150ml of Groundnut / Sunflower / Coconut oil
1 optional shrimp stock cube
20g of chopped coriander
Salt and pepper to taste


Add the oil to a saucepan and place on a medium heat. 
Add the sliced onions and fry for 4 - 5 minutes.  
Add 3 tablespoons of the green chilli paste and the Ginger mix together. 
Fry for about 5-6minutes, until it turns into a marmalade texture. 
Add the tomato purée and cook till it turns into a paste. This should take about 5-6 minutes. 
Add the blended tomatoes and shrimp stock. Stir till well combined; reduce the heat to a low setting and cook for 25 minutes, by which time the sauce has reduced by half. 
Add the Lamb stock and cook for a further 2 minutes. Turn the heat off; add the sliced onions and coriander. Stir and set aside. 

Cook for a further 15 minutes, constantly stirring, if you want a darker and richer sauce. 

Fried Fish

Prep time: 20 min

Cooking Time: 18 minutes


8 mediums sized (Sea Bream/Red Snapper/Sea Bass) cleaned, gutted and cut in half, by your fishmonger. 
1 litre of Sunflower oil
Salt and freshly milled black pepper to taste

Tip: For a crispy skinned, fried fish, wipe the fish with a kitchen paper towel (to get rid of any moisture), add salt to the skin and leave to rest for 5 minutes before frying. The use of flour also helps with achieving a crispy-fired fish. 
Add the oil to a frying pan or wok and place on a medium heat. 
Add the flour, salt and black pepper to a bowl and set aside. 
Test the oil is hot, by adding a tiny cube of bread; if the bread sizzles, the oil is ready. 
Toss each fish in flour, till it's completely covered (shake off any excess flour) and carefully drop it into the hot oil. (Please take all necessary precautions, when dealing with hot oil). 
Fry on each side for 3 minutes and remove it from the oil. Place the fish on a Kitchen blotting paper (to absorb any excess oil). 

Ensure the oil is hot at (180*c or 350 degrees Fahrenheit) for a crispy, perfectly fried fish. If the oil is too hot the fish will burn and if it's not hot enough it will absorb the oil. 

Basil oil


300g of fresh basil
Half a teaspoon of Sauvignon Blanc vinegar or malt vinegar. 
Half a teaspoon of salt
500ml of olive oil, (please don't use extra virgin olive oil) as it has a stronger taste and might over power the basil. 


Wash your Basil under cold water. 
Boil your kettle with water and pour the hot water in a bowl. 
Dip the basil with stalks into the hot water for 30 seconds. 
Remove the basil from the hot water and quickly dip it into ice-cold water for about 2 minutes. 
Squeeze the water from the basil and place it in a blender. 
Add the oil, vinegar and salt 
Blend into a smooth mixture. 
Using a muslin cloth and a smooth colander, placed over a bowl, pour the basil mixture into the muslin covered colander. 
Leave it to gently strain (it can take up to 12 hrs) and discard the chaff. 
Pour your basil scented oil in a mason jar and refrigerate. 

Scented Gari Fortor


200g of Gari
75 ml of cold water
50ml of the basil oil
Salt and pepper to taste.


In a bowl, add the Gari, salt, water and mix well. Add the basil oil, pepper and mix till well combined. 

Spaghetti (Talia)& Boiled Egg

100g of spaghetti
1 teaspoonful of salt
400ml of water

Depending on the type of Spaghetti you purchase (dry or fresh), follow the instructions on the package. 
Place your egg in a saucepan, cover with water and cook for 3-5 minutes (depending on how you like your eggs cooked). The lesser time of cooking produces a runnier the yolk. 
Once your spaghetti is cooked, add a tablespoon of your Waakye stew and egg.  Mix till well combined and you're ready to serve. 

To serve; 

Serve in a banana leaf / plate or slate as below.

All photos and recipes are by the owner of this blog.