Wednesday, 8 February 2017


I'm happy to say, Season 2 of the "Ndudu by Fafa's " cookery show will be back on your screens from the 5th of November, 2016 at 3pm on ABNTV, Sky 235.

Season 2 promises a great deal of creativity inclusive of recipes, African fashion and sharing of Kitchen hacks.

This season's aptly themed 
"the twist upon twist', the Ndudu twist", where I skilfully infuse both African and Western ingredients together (a must watch).

Thanks to VintyNellie for the flawless makeup. 

Recipes for each show will be updated weekly on my blog.
Watch out for updates for behind the scenes. 

Thanks to 'Lady J's real hair' for the beautiful hair .

I'm loving my African outfits for the show, which were made by 2 different seamstresses in Ghana. 

Stay tuned for more information.