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Plantains are part of the Banana family of Genus Musa. In differentiating between the two, bananas are generally eaten raw and are sweeter in taste whereby Plantains are cooked before eating. 

Plantains are larger, starchier, sweeter when ripened and are rich in Vitamins A & D. They are staples in most West African homes and are treated as one would potatoes, (steamed, boiled, fried, roasted, baked) etc

This recipe was created by accident, as I was trying to make use of my leftovers. The natural sweetness of a slightly over ripened Plantain works well with the slight kick of heat from the chilli and the crunchiness the spring onions adds to its texture. 

It's imperative to use the perfectly ripened Plantain (with slight dark patches as shown below)  for this recipe. 

Serves 6
Cooking time: 12 minutes 
Preparation time: 3minutes

4 large slightly over ripened Plantains, peeled and cut into chunks 
25g of finely chopped spring onions 
1 teaspoon of butter
1 teaspoon of olive oil 
Pinch of grated nutmeg and cinnamon 
1 deseeded and finely chopped green chilli. 
Salt and pepper to taste  


The best way to intensify the natural flavours of Plantain is to either steam or bake it. 

To bake
Wrap the unpeeled Plantain in a kitchen foil and bake for 10-12 minutes. Take all necessary precautions when taking the Plantain out of the oven as it will be hot.

To steam 
Place the peeled Plantain chunks   into a steamer.
Steam for about 9-12 minutes and set aside.

In a bowl, mash the Plantain , butter and olive oil into a smooth paste. 
Add the nutmeg, cinnamon, green chillies, spring onions and mix well. 

Serve immediately alongside your roast of Pork , Beef, Guinea Fowl, Turkey, Lamb, Mutton or Chicken . 

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