Monday, 6 March 2017


Alasa or the African star fruit is rich in Calcium and Vitamin C. This recipe is inspiring and can be adapted to ones taste preference. If you don't have access to bitter Lemon, replace it with either Apple juice or use 400ml of Coconut water instead. For a smoothie thickness include the Coconut flesh and garnish with a Tangelo peel.

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'Ma'am,the reason I follow your instagram page is coz u are the only one that came up with the AGBALUMO juice(the coctail version).
Thought to myself sometime back,there should be a juice made out from this rich vitamin c fruit.
I head on to YouTube,and voila!only ndudu by fafa has something on it.i have searched and researched,it's still only Ndudu by Fafa'.
Respect ma'am

Happy 60th Independence Day Ghana (6th March, 1957).


3 Alasa / African Star Apple fruit
100ml of Coconut juice
10g of fresh Ginger 
300ml Bitter Lemon


Cut the fruit at its circumference and twist it in opposite directions to release the fruit 
Using a teaspoon scoop the flesh into the bowl of the blender 
Add the Coconut juice, Ginger and bitter Lemon to the blender.
Blend everything into a silky smooth consistency.
Pass the drink through a sieve to ensure its smoothness.
Refrigerate the Mocktail until you're ready to serve or serve immediately with ice cubes and a sprig of fresh Thyme.

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