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Plantains are rich in Potassium which regulates our bodies sodium intake and also helps regulate blood pressure in the body, due to the presence of Magnesium. Plantain contains a high dosage of Vitamin A, which helps boost your immune system, skin and cell growth.

It also aids regular digestive functions due to its high fibre content and it's rich in Vitamin C, which fights against free radicals damage to your body. 
Plantain also contains a few B Vitamins particularly B6 which promotes a healthy brain function. 

Basically, what I'm saying is Plantain is healthy and should be incorporated in our daily diet.


This recipe was created to encourage the various uses of our ingredients, other than their classic uses. I'll explain myself before the creases in your frown deepens. 

Growing up in Ghana, food wastage was definitely a big 'no, no'; hence  an over ripened Plantain was either used to prepare Tatale, Krakro or Kaklo etc.
I've always followed this ethos , however I wanted to make something different, something sweet and equally inspiring.
Puddings aren't a big deal in our diet and if one must, its usually the Ghanaian Pound cake, Rock buns, Peanut or Coconut brittle and fruit salads.

The naturally sweet flavour of the over ripened Plantain lends its sweetness to this dish, hence you can omit adding sugar altogether. The Plantain also gives the Sorbet a creamy texture, whilst the Passion fruit lends its tanginess to the Sorbet. 
This is a healthy snack to enjoy (provided you exclude the Sugar) and it's perfect for both children and adults.
Lets start cooking....


To start you'll need, 

1 large over ripened Plantain
3 large ripened Passion fruit
200ml of water
Juice of half a Lime or Lemon
Optional (1 tablespoon of Sugar)


Preheat the oven to 200*c

Wrap the unpeeled Plantain in kitchen foil and bake for 15-20 minutes or until you insert a skewer which comes out clean. 

Take all necessary precautions when taking the Plantain out of the oven as it will be hot.


Cut the unpeeled Plantain into 4 large rings. 

Place the Plantain in a steamer and steam for 15-20 minutes. Once cooked, peel the skin off and transfer the flesh into a bowl. Follow the process below;

Peel the over ripened Plantain into a bowl with a lid. Add 3 tablespoonful of water and microwave for about 3-4 minutes.

The water will help create a steam which will cook the Plantain. I prefer this process, when I want to make this quickly.

Watch how make this recipe by clicking the video below;

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Scoop the baked Plantain into a bowl and set aside. to cool down. 

Cut the Passion fruit in two. 

Place a colander over a bowl and scoop the seeds and juice of the Passion fruit into the colander. 

Once done use the back of a spoon to press the juice out. Pour the water over the seeds to extract any juice left in the seeds. 
If you're using Sugar, add it at this point. 
Transfer the juice and baked Plantain into a blender and blend to a silky smooth consistency. 
Add the juice of the Lime and stir till well combined.

Using your Freezer

Transfer the smoothie into a bowl with a lid and freeze for 4 hours. 

Each hour use a fork to stir the mixture to prevent crystals from forming (this will help you gain a smooth Sorbet). The process of stirring every hour is to mimic the churn of an Ice cream maker.

Ice cream Maker

If you're lucky enough to own an Ice cream maker , pour the smoothie into your maker and follow the instructions to churn your Sorbet.

Place the frozen Plantain mixture into a blender. Blend till smooth (this will get rid of any ice crystals).
Serve immediately.

Enjoy your Sorbet with a sprinkle of crunchy nuts for that added texture. 

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