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If you’ve been following my cooking channel and blog, you’ll know I like to add my own twist to recipes and create new ones.
Over the last couple of months, I’ve been inundated with requests for my Shito recipe. I didn’t have any shrimp powder , hence I couldn’t make it.
I decided to make my own Shrimp powder and couldn’t believe why I hadn’t thought of that earlier, considering a friend of mine had done so a few months back. 

I rummaged through my freezer and found a  large pack of Prawns. After defrosting it naturally, I placed the Prawns on a baking tray and grilled it at 180*c for 30 minutes till it was crispy.
I left it to cool down completely and blended it into powder form.
Now I was ready to make my own version of Shito. 
I remember a couple of years ago, I researched about the Ghanaian Black Chilli sauce. The resounding results were comments about the name ‘Shito’ and regretfully stating the taste will be as the name describes. 
The name ‘Shito’ is derived from the Ga language from Accra, Ghana; which translates to any Chilli sauce. The sauce was made popular by The Ga’s of Ghana, particularly when served with a ball of their hot Kenkey. 

It’s one of the best kept open secrets of Ghana. The recipe varies from tribes to households, however it has to be dark in colour.
This recipe is a family recipe with my own added twist of adding Coconut oil. 
Anyway, enough of my chit chats and let’s cook.

350g of Shrimp powder
250g of Chilli flakes
100g of Herring powder 
60g of peeled Ginger 
5 medium sized peeled Onions
20g of Aniseed 
3 Maggi Shrimp cube
1 levelled tablespoonful of Salt
250ml of Vegetable oil
200ml of Coconut oil
80g of Tomato paste 

Watch how to prepare the best Black Chilli sauce (Shito) below;

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