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Dzenklpe or Dzemkoume is a gluten free dish made from roasted Corn flour and a perfectly spiced Tomato stew. It’s enjoyed by the Ewe’s of Ghana and Togolese. Ghana has a similar recipe called Aprapransa. This recipe is versatile in the sense that you can include dried Herrings, Crabs, Prawns or any Seafood of your choosing. 

The best flavour to include into this recipe is that of the brown Crab Meat to the sauce, then garnish with your white Crab meat and enjoy. In the spirit of improvising, I used what I had available.
I used my smoky Salsa sauce as the base for this recipe and cooked Prawns.  

The video for the Smoky Salsa sauce is available on my YouTube channel, ‘Ndudu by Fafa’.
 Let’s start cooking;

350g of my Smoky Salsa sauce (Reserve 100g for serving)
20g of Shrimp powder 
300g of roasted Corn flour
300g of cooked Prawns or Dried Herrings
1 large peeled and sliced Avocado 
1 levelled teaspoon of salt to taste

If you’re using dried Herrings, add it to the sauce and cook for 7 minutes on a low heat. Once you add the roasted Corn batter, it will soften the fish.

In the absence of roasted Corn flour, you can use the normal Ghanaian Corn flour used for Akple. 
However, placing the Corn flour on a baking tray and in a preheated Oven, at 180*c, for 10 minutes, will roast your Corn flour perfectly.
Alternatively, if you’re using precooked Prawns, toss it into the remaining sauce, warm it through and serve.

Watch how to make your own Dzenkoume or Dzenklpe below;

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