Sunday, 4 March 2018


Agbeli Kaklo or Bankye Krakro as known in the Ewe and Ashanti language respectively is made from grated Cassava and Onion. The juice of the grated Cassava is extracted (reserve for making starch) and then mixed with the blended Onion and deep fried. In Ghana this is enjoyed with Coconut pieces and as a snack. 

Cassava is also known as Yuca or Manioc and it’s enjoyed across South America , Asia and West Africa. Cassava has a tougher outer layer that needs to be peeled and best soaked overnight to rid it off any toxins, before cooking. 

Using the sharp edge of a knife make a deep slit into the tough skin of the Cassava. Proceed by using the blunt edge of the knife to peel the outer skin. Please take all necessary precautions when dealing with a sharp object.

Once peeled leave it to soak overnight in water and you can proceed to grating the Cassava. Please note you can divide the Cassava lengthwise and remove the inedible string in the middle.

Alternatively you can grate the Cassava till you reach the inedible string  part and stop.

Using a fine grater proceed to grate the Cassava into a finely textured consistency, as shown below;

It’s a rather easy recipe to follow, however there are a few tips you need to follow; 

- Fry at a constant medium heat to avoid an undercooked croquettes 
- Don’t overcrowd your pan with the croquettes. This will reduce the temperature of the oil, subsequently filling your croquettes with oil (not a pleasant taste).

- Ensure to extract as much moisture from your grated Cassava. This will make a crunchy outer layer and a moist interior. I love my Agbeli Kaklo to have a little kick, hence I do add Green chillies (This is optional). 

1 large Cassava
1 large Onion
Sunflower or Coconut oil for frying
1 Green Chilli (Optional)
15g of chopped Spring Onions (optional)
Salt to taste

- If you prefer a softer version extract all the juice from the grated Cassava and allow it to dry for an hour. The blended Onion will add moisture. 

- For a harder and crunchier version , extract as much juice from the grated Cassava and leave to dry for at least 5 hours

Once you follow the above tips, you should always end up with a perfect tasting Agbeli Kaklo. 

Watch how to make this delicious Agbeli Kaklo recipe on my YouTube channel, ‘Ndudu by Fafa’ below;

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