Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Healthy Smoothies

Leading a healthy lifestyle is quite exciting and informative. I weighed heavier during a stressful time of my life. I felt lethargic and exhausted all the time. I tried countless dieting to mention but a few including the Atkins, Dukan and a 500 calorie a day diet.

The diets did work for a couple of weeks and then I put the weight back on quickly. The diets were not sustainable. This was making me depressed and unhappy.
My eating habits included skipped breakfast, lunch with a glass of wine and cooked a big dinner with a another glass of wine and pudding.

I knew I had to change my eating habits, hence I booked into a 'Lose and Shape' course at my local gym (David Llyod).  I informed my instructor that I wanted to have a positive mindset and natural likeness for  a healthy lifestyle . I learnt about the nutrition, making healthy choices and exercise.

My nemesis being exercise and having to eat 6 small portion of meals a day was going to be a challenge.
The challenge was what I could have as my 6 meals a day in the office. I noticed the shops had quite a boring menu hence  you were forced to eat whatever was available.

My journey to healthy eating began.

My husband purchased a 'Vitamix' blender for my birthday and my journey to healthy smoothies and soups began.  In achieving my 6 small meal portions per day I included creative nutritious smoothies and soup. Before long my colleagues at work joined in my smoothie chapter and started ordering.

Having a healthy life style is made easier by the readily available choices. I am coming up with nutritious smoothies and salads for the offices.

For a budget  healthy cooking lessons which includes the making of different smoothies and salads please log unto my website 

The Vitamix blender 

Kale, ginger, kiwi and orange juice

A perfect drink for breakfast or anytime of the day


Mango slices


Pineapple and ginger smoothie. Perfect accompaniment with smoked salmon

A blueberry and beetroot blend