Monday, 18 March 2013

Who said Ghanaian dishes are not healthy

In most African countries, people have easy access to organic ingredients to create mouth watering, tasty and healthy meals. However with the lack of creativity in most dishes, people tend to cook the same dishes all the time. 

I am on a journey to make African dishes cool and yummy. Through my blog I will update you with various African ingredients, mixed with other international ingredients, cooked in a healthy way and to create new recipes. 

The pictures below are dishes synonymous to Ghanaians. Yum! Yum!
I am compiling all my recipes into a book


Sliced yam ready to boil

Boiled Yam served with Spinach, Melon seeds and Mackerel sauce


                                          Okra soup with , Spinach, smoked Cod, Mussels and Prawns

Pan fried okra in cumin and mustard seeds served with grilled chicken

The famous juicy Ghanaian Mango

Ghanaian Mango

Split maize cooked in a spicy coconut juice with kale

Spinach soup

Grilled Chicken with spinach and avocado salad