Monday, 26 August 2013

The many uses of the superfood Okra.

Okra originated from Africa and spread to the Mediterranean region, only reaching the America's in the 1600.
A serving of okra provides 80% of the Daily Value for vitamin K, 44% of Vitamin C and also very high in fiber. Okra is also a great source of Vitamins A & B6, folate, niacin , riboflavin, manganese and packed with antioxidants . Okra's ample supply of key nutrients makes it a beneficial food for disease prevention.

Armed with the above the knowledge and Okra being my traditional dish and favourite, I am continually inspired to create different flavours and ways of cooking Okra.

I am excited about my first cookery book about Creative African Cooking, which includes the following dishes.


Perfect for the grill or barbecue 

Best served grilled with fish (Sea bass)

Great to add to sauces

My traditional dish (Okra Soup)

Perfect for the barbecue. (Grilled together with asparagus)