Sunday, 16 March 2014

A sunny day in London. An African inspired picnic.

 My favourite time of the year is Spring. The occasional sunny day allows me to organise an African inspired picnic with family and friends. Find below some African inspired dishes. 

A refreshing and palette cleanser. Try diced or chunks of Pineapple with Kiwi and Mint. A perfect healthy picnic treat that's gentle with your tummy, pleasing to the eye and with bags of flavour. 

                  The hedgehog cut Alphonso mango
My picnic basket always include chunks of sun ripened mangoes and whole mangoes both chilled. The memory of having to pluck sun ripened mangoes back home in Ghana , is one that fills me with a nostalgic smile. My next blog will be about my obsession with mangoes. I'll continue this story later...

The good old boiled monkey nuts. A perfect snack for the picnic. It's moorish, so becareful , you might just feed on this and nothing else.

Beat the steak till flattened and slice into  cubes. Cut red onions and red or green peppers into chunks. Using skewers, first place meat, then red onion and the peppers. Follow this pattern till you have several skewers of meat. 

In a separate bowl pour and mix groundnut oil, salt and pepper. Brush the meat with the oil mix.
Spread 'Ndudu 's Suya' (coming soon) on a flat surface, roll the meat in the mix. 
Place under the grill at 220*c for 7 minutes. For best results roast on a barbecue for 6 minutes turning continuously. Voila!

Suya encrusted beef khebab (Ghana inspired)

A Greek salad of Feta, tomatoes, avocado, red onions, mint, parsley, red peppers, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and black pepper.

Give your picnic the African touch by using an African inspired cloth. I used a customised Tie and Dye fabric from Ghana for my picnic. 

I managed to get my African basket from the attic. Be inspired!