Monday, 26 May 2014

An Italian affair (Trastevere, Rome). Part 1

My love for Italian dishes and subsequent holidays to Italy is my idea of a dream. I love travelling, mainly to immerse myself in the culture and food of various countries.

However in all my travels, Italy ticks all the right boxes for food and culture. 

The enchanting and intoxicating streets of Trastevere has me hooked. The anticipation of finding something unique, creative and breathtaking makes me walk around for hours and hours on end. The excitement of finding obscure Trattoria's, a bakery shop, a fresh pasta making shop, the amazing grocers, vintage cars and the retro clad individuals.

The best part after exploring most of the town, is treating yourself to a chilled glass of Prosecco, Wine or Beer, in a rustic bar, outside ,whilst feasting your eyes on passersby. 
Intrigued by these gentlemen with their dishevelled but equally cool and retro appearance. 

I'm not into cars but I loved this. It reminded me of an old Bedford truck that was used as public transport in my childhood in Ghana. 

One rule I always abide by when I travel, is to eat everything local, as one is guaranteed good and fresh food. I always avoid 'touristy' restaurant and hunt for places the locals visit. With this in mind we came across this place called 'The Fish Market'
 We had to queue for an hour and a half as it operates a first come service. This place does not operate a booking service and I can understand why. Most people visiting this restaurant were a trendy retro bunch.

You select from a variety of fresh fish and seafood by the weight and state how you want them cooked. Alternatively you can select from their standard menu.

You are allowed to get drinks from the bar and wait outside for your turn. However the random service of deep fried Calamari and anchovies, with the accompanied cheers from everyone outside waiting, was a great idea and one I'll never forget.  When next you are in Rome just try them

The amazing Tuna Carpaccio 

Shredded fresh Fennel, Grapefruit , Anchovies and Rocket

Tuna tartar with raspberries and balsamic glaze. 

What I loved about 'The Fish Market', was the creative combination of ingredients, in a simple way, but had a great impact on my taste buds.  A must visit!

Exploring the streets of Trastevere

The perfect Cappuccino and spot to people watch. 

Quenching my thirst from one of the many fountains across Trastevere

A traditional Roman dish made of tripe.

I couldn't resist a bowl of fried fish

Please come back and read about the second part of my secret 'Italian affair'.