Saturday, 12 July 2014

I'm in love with Emerald Tomatoes

I have to write about an ingredient, a rather controversial fruit, I met yesterday at Tesco's called 'Emerald Tomato'.

She looks like an unripenned tomato but has a soft feel to touch. Emerald Tomato is  described as sweet and purposefully grown to keep her unripenned look. 

I decided to make a simple green inspired salad. 

Emerald Tomatoes

A simple salsa of emerald tomato with sweet onions and a drizzle of an African homemade anchovies oil and black pepper. The tomato is crunchy and sweet

 I decided to use the rest of the tomatoes for a warm salad for brunch today.

 6 sliced Emerald Tomatoes
 A bag of Rocket
1 medium size sliced sweet onions
 1 medium size diced Avocado into chunks
Sliced 1 whole Courgettes into disc shapes
 225g of Halloumi (Cut into chunks)
 100g of cooked Bambara beans (optional)

2 tablespoonful of olive oil
Smoky sea salt
2 pinches of freshly toasted ground black pepper

Cut your courgettes into little disc shapes 
In a separate bowl mix together  the olive oil, salt and black pepper.
Add the courgettes and Halloumi to the marinade
Using a  hot griddle pan, grill the courgettes and Halloumi for a 
minute on each side.

In a bowl, add the rocket, onions, tomatoes, avocado, courgettes, bambara beans and halloumi. Drizzle the remaining marinade  over the salad and serve immediately.

A crunchy green salad with grilled Halloumi, Courgettes and Bambara beans.