Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A December to Barbados

After 9 hrs we arrived in Barbados and we were ushered to our hired vehicle for the  next 8 days of bliss. My husband and I made this trip in 2012 and vowed to return. Our favourite place to stay is Little Good Harbour' a self catering boutique hotel. We hired the beach front cottage with it's own garden, outside barbecue station and a well equipped kitchen (ideal necessities for a chef on holiday)

 The cottage is breathtaking with 3 huge windows (the windows are situated individually in the living room and 2 bedrooms) opening up to the Carribean sea literally on our doorstep. The cottage is our 'Home' for the next 8days. 

 The sound of waves crushing through the rocks, the harmonious loud cricket sounds indicated an evening adventure far from the UK. 
My idea of a great holiday centres around good food, wine and where I can immerse myself in the culture with a sense of friendliness and belonging. Barbados offers a serene,welcoming ambience, picturesque sunset and adventure. Barbados is an island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on oneside and the Carribean sea on the other. 

I promised myself not to miss a day of sunshine, the roaring and calming sea with everything else this beautiful island had to offer. I woke up at 4am the next day to sit by the window sill, watch the sea, the sunrise, listen to the chirping birds with Kodjo Antwi's 'Ponkor a bodam', a nostalgic song that resonates with my teenage years in Ghana, playing in the background.

It was during this reflective and meditative mood that I decided to blog about my experience and capture every moment.

By late morning we decided to visit the local fishmongers' for 'the catch of the day' and get some fruits and vegetables for our stay. The fishmonger had on display freshly caught Tuna, Sword fish and Baracuda. We bought a kilo of Tuna costing £15 and watch with awe the skill of the fishmonger carving our portion. One will salivate just looking at this freshly caught soft Tuna and dream of all the dishes one will make. 

Next to the fishmongers was a fresh produce stall with Okra, Sweet potatoes, Mangoes, Avocados, Water Yam, Plantain etc (much to my surprise). Naturally we purchased some of the above ingredients for our meals during the week and hurried back to the cottage to enjoy the sea.

I was particularly excited about the ingredients we purchased, which had my creative juices flowing and my taste buds heightened. For brunch I made, soft boiled eggs with avocado and sprouted beans in a mustard dressing  and fruit salad.

Soft boiled eggs with Bajan oily Avocado and sprouted beans tossed in a mustard dressing.

Fruit salad of Mangoes, Papaya (Pawpaw, how we Ghanaians call it) and banana in a freshly squeezed orange juice. 

After brunch we went swimming (which in my case is paddle in the sea) and relaxed at the beach with a thirst quenching Rum and Coke with a hint of lemon dreaming about lunch. 

Read about lunch and more in the next blog.