Sunday, 21 December 2014


Christmas is the time to share, heal, bond and appreciate life with your family and friends. 
In honour of having an African inspired Christmas, I have compiled a few inspiration to achieve the perfect table setting and menu. 

Use old or left over fabrics as wrapping paper for your gifts. This is a bold and confident statement about your culture. 

Inspired by the Ghanaian 'raw pepper' which is a spicy salsa, (made from chillies, onions, tomatoes ,salt to taste and crushed in an earthenware clay mortar), best accompanied with hot 'Kenkey' , 'Akple' (made from maize) , boiled Yam etc. Most Ghanaian families use the 'Aportoyewa' (clay mortar) to grind their spicies or as a bowl to serve food. 
Be clever with your Christmas budget and don't spend more than you have to. In this instance, I've used ingredients for the 'raw pepper' as props for the table setting. Use whatever fruits, herbs or vegetables in your kitchen and be creative. 

Give your guests something to talk about by using props from a history you would like to share. Inspired by the 'Golden stool' and Komfo Anokye, I have used miniature stools which are readily available in Ghana and a gold sprayed pine cone to represent this rich history. 

Handwrite a short story about the topic you choose. Photocopy your story and use as a placemat. Let every design and touch depict a bit of history. 

The sweet spicy smell of Grains of Selim or Negro Peppers (Etso, known in the Ewe tribe of Ghana) is a great addition to your table setting, as used above. 

Be inspired and have a great Christmas. #Ndudu
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