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Saturday mornings are my favourite time to relax, pamper myself, think of what crazy concoction I can create to eat and above all enjoy the silence.
When I tell friends, I'm awake at 6am every Saturday to go through my routine, they suggest otherwise 😜(they don't know what their missing). 


Personally, I find an early rise an essential tool  for a creative mind, as it offers a conducive atmosphere for escapism and new ideas. I love the quietness of the  environment, (as people are catching up on their sleep), less interruption, the ocassional sounds of the birds chirping and the grey Squirrel who seems to like our garden as I leave nuts around. 

Today is no different to any other Saturday, as I started my day with creating a simple facial scrub for an even complexion. 

In my research, I found out that Rice and Milk have been used for centuries by Asians as a facial scrub for an even skin tone, wrinkle busting remedy and to enhance the natural skin brightness. 

The rice helps absorb excess oil (great for an oily skin), evens your skin tone by getting rid of blemishes, has anti ageing properties and its a great soother for sunburn, to mention but a few.

Milk is used in this recipe to hydrate dry the skin, lightens dark spots and remove dead skin cells (due to its lactic acid).

My daily moisturiser is an equal amount mixture of both Shea butter and Coconut oil, whisked into a mousse like texture. 


For the list of ingredients, you'll need

1 Tbsp of Unrefined Shea butter & Coconut oil mousse. 
2 tablespoonfuls of whole milk
1 tablespoon of Rice flour.


Add the Rice flour and Milk to a bowl.


Add the Unrefined Shea butter and Coconut mousse. 

 Mix till you form a thick paste.

Wash your face with warm water and then apply the mixture. 


Leave for about 5-10 minutes and wash it off with cold water. 

Make your own daily moisturiser 

Unrefined Shea butter & Coconut oil Mousse
I prefer to use unrefined Shea butter as it's in its pure form and you can cook with it. My philosophy is, if I can eat it I can use it for my skin. 

250g of Coconut oil 
250g of Unrefined Shea butter


Melt the Coconut oil and Shea butter together.

 Using an electric whisk, mix everything together till you have a fluffy mousse like consistency. 

Preserve in a treated glass container with a sealed lid and use daily. 

This will last for a year, however I finish mine within 2 months. 

How to treat your Glass container 

(Treating your glass ensures you kill off any luring bacteria).

Boil water in a kettle. 

Place your container in a bowl and pour the hot water over it. 

Let it sit for a minute, remove the container (ensuring you don't burn yourself) and wipe with a clean Kitchen towel.

Moisturise your face

Clean your face with a clean face towel and apply a mixture of Coconut oil & Shea butter to your face. 
Enjoy your pampering session with a lovely cup of tea.
Try the Turmeric & Black peppercorn tea recipe.

Find the Shea butter body scrub recipe by clicking the link below,

All photos and recipe are by the owner of this blog. 

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