Monday, 13 February 2017


'Kelewele', a spiced and cubed fried ripened Plantain, is my idea of a romantic snack from 
Ghana. Why not try this crunchy version for your loved ones. Happy Valentines everyone.

It's imperative to use ripened Plantain for this recipe for the candy like texture

2 ripened Plantains
30g of chopped Ginger
3 Green chillies 
1 teaspoon of Mixed spice
Powdered red chilli
2 eggs
150g of Panko breadcrumbs
400ml of Sunflower or Groundnut oil

Cut the Plantain into cubes
Blend the Ginger, Chillies and Onion together into a smooth paste.
Add the blended Ginger mix, the mixed spice and powdered red chilli. 

Stir till well combined. 

Crack and beat the eggs in a bowl 
Place the breadcrumbs in a bowl. 
Pour the oil in a Wok / Saucepan and place on a medium heat. 


Drop a cube of Plantain into the oil to test it's temperature. If it sizzles, the oil is ready. 

Using a ladle, scoop a portion of the spiced cubed Plantain into the beaten egg, then toss it in the breadcrumbs and fry till golden (about 5-6 minutes)
Repeat the process, till you have a golden crunchy Plantain. 


When you add the plantain to the hot oil, please take all necessary precautions. 

Don't be tempted to stir the Plantain when you place it in the oil the first time. 

Let it fry for about a minute before you stir. This will enable the coating to stick. 

Best enjoyed with Palm wine or Pineapple and mint smoothie. 

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  1. loving the food your brilliant, can wait to get cooking. but please tell me where you got your pots from and is it a clay pot?