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Ghanaian brown rice has a unique nutty taste which lends itself perfectly to the flavours of this dish.
Brown rice retains more nutrient contents than white rice as it still has its side hull and bran.
The benefits include Calcium, Magnesium, fibre, proteins and Pottasium to mention but a few.

The high fibre content helps with weigth loss as it keeps you fuller for longer ( hence you eat less).
Due to its low glycemic rating it's ideal for diabetics and it's  delicious.

The perfect Rice porridge should have a silky consistency, however this isn't achieved when using the Ghanaian brown rice.

In a bid to achieve the perfect consistency I added Baobab powder which also gave the porridge a sweet and tangy taste.

Baobab is one of the many superfoods from Africa. It's rich in Vitamin C, Potassium,Vitamin A etc (to mention but a few) and a great prebiotic for your gut.
Baobab has six times more Vitamin C than an Orange, twice the Calcium content of milk and five times more magnesium than an Avocado.
This superfood should be in every African Kitchen and can be added to almost anything including soups, stews, smoothies, eggs etc.

I love creating recipes with high nutrition content as I believe in eating right. There's no point in eating junk and spend money on medications to heal. Your food should boost your immune system, stabilise your hormones and provide your body with its daily nutritional content.

I hope you try the recipe, leave comments about your feedback and share.
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150g of Ghanaian brown rice
2 pods of Grains of Selim / Hwentia / Kieng / Chimba
600ml of water
400ml of fresh milk
1 tablespoonful of Baobab powder 
15g of unrefined sugar
2 peeled and sliced Kiwi fruit or any fruit of your choosing. (Optional).
Salt to taste 

If you're using evaporated milk then use 1 litre of water. Add the milk when you're serving. The quantity will be to your preference.


To start;
Check your rice for any stray stones and rinse till clear. This only takes 2 rinses. 
Transfer the rice into a saucepan, add the water and place on a medium heat.
Cook for 15 minutes and add the grains of selim.
Cook for another 10 minutes by which time the rice is almost boiled dry (please don't burn it).
Add the milk and cook for a further 10 minutes on a low heat.
Add a pinch of salt to taste and stir.
Add the sugar, Baobab powder and mix till well combined.


Serve immediately with your preferred fruit and enjoy.
Personally I prefer to use either Mangoes , Papaya (PawPaw) or Pineapple (which are all readily available in Ghana. 

I'll let you on a little secret, try it with Pineapple and it's juices for that mouth exploding refreshing flavour. 

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