Thursday, 9 February 2017


Freshly caught Red Snapper, fried and served with a Tomato and Onion salad is my idea of  bliss on earth , especially when polished  off with a glass of chilled Palm wine or White wine. 


Most evenings in Ghana, freshly fried Red snappers are displayed amongst other fishes by Kenkey sellers across the country. 

 Kenkey is made from milled fermented corn which is wrapped in corn husks and steamed to form a pliable dumpling.


Kenkey is best eaten with fried Fish or Seafood with a spicy tomato salsa (raw pepper) and black chilli sauce (Shito) in Ghana. 

My obsession with this fish is evident especially when I visit Ghana as I'm guaranteed a freshly caught fish. I tend to buy fried Red Snappers in bulk and enjoy it as a snack, much to my Mums annoyance (as she insisted I cut down on the quantity and leave some for cooking later). 

I vividly remember on a holiday to Barbados, I saw a lady clean and gut a large Red snapper (which was freshly caught) , no sooner had I alighted from the car, run to ask how much it was, was I back in the car embarrassed, as she was preparing her dinner and it wasn't for sale. 

However in Khao Lak (Thailand) deeply fried, crisp skinned Red Snapper was the only thing I ordered pretty much everyday with a Ginger dressing.

I'm looking forward to visiting Ghana again this year to indulge in my fish eating habit. 

With my 'slight' obsession you can imagine my 
excitement when I saw this Red snapper at my local fishmongers (knowing it was definitely for sale) and I could indulge myself (without any interruptions).


After purchasing a few, frying some (all safely eaten), I decided to grill the last one  and incorporate some Rosemary (which pairs perfectly with Red Snapper) and Aniseed for an aromatic flavour. 

Adding the roasted ripened Plantain to this dish is incredible as it lends its sweetness to the Fish. Please ensure the Plantain is not over ripened. The Plantain should have an even yellow colour as shown below;


1 large cleaned and gutted fresh Red Snapper
The zest of 1 large Lime.
Slice the remaining Lime into little discs. 
1 teaspoon of Aniseed
20g peeled and chopped fresh Ginger 
3 sprigs of fresh Rosemary
1 medium sized Onion
2 finely diced Green Chillies (optional)
Salt to taste
2 ripened Plantains


Blend the Ginger, Onion, Aniseed and Chilli together to a smooth paste.
Remove the Rosemary leaves from their stalks and finely chop them.

Marinade the fish with the Ginger mix, Rosemary, the zest of the Lime in a baking tray. 
Arrange the Lime discs on top of the fish, as shown above. 

Pre heat your grill to 200*c

Peel your ripened Plantain and cut each in half or lengthways.

Place your fish in the grill together with the Plantain and grill for 23-25 minutes.


15 minutes into the cooking time, turn the Plantain on its opposite side for an even cook and grilled marks (for aesthetic purposes).


Serve the grilled Red Snapper and Plantain immediately with either the famous Ghanaian black chilli sauce known as Shito or a tomato stew.

Find various stew recipes on my blog and YouTube page. 
This recipe will work well with some hot Amokple (Banku), which is available on my YouTube channel below;

 I love to hear from you, hence try the recipe and leave comments with your feedback. This encourages me to create more recipes as I know you like them. 


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