Sunday, 16 April 2017


This juice was inspired by a smoothie I had for breakfast in a hotel at Brighton. The recipe used Orange juice (when I asked the chef for it), however I used Grapefruit for this recipe (as it has an intense tangy flavour . I'm not a great fan of Banana smoothies as I find them creamy, however the addition of citrus cuts through the creaminess and lends the smoothie a tangy taste. Be warned , this drink is delicious, healthy and will have you wanting more.
This recipe has inspired me again to replace the Banana with Plantain next time. Let's start mixing...

1 large Passion fruit 
Juice of 1 Grapefruit 
1 Banana

Cut the Passion Fruit in two and scoop the seeds and juice into a bowl.
Mix the Grapefruit juice and Passion fruit together.
Strain the seeds using a colander into a blender. 
Using the back of a spoon press the seeds to get rid of any juice into the blender.
Pour 50ml of water over the Passion fruit seeds (to ensure you have extracted all the juice) into the blender. 

Peel the Banana and add it to the blender.
Blend everything into a smooth silky consistency.
Transfer into a smoothie jar and refrigerate for an hour. 

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