Friday, 5 May 2017


Last night , I was in a middle of a conversation with a very good friend of mine talking about Ghanaian recipes and the nostalgia they evoke. 
Eating in Ghana is a social and family bonding session, so much so there are memories and great stories associated with each dish. Memories quite often includes the uninvited guest who happens to only visit your  household just when dinner is ready. The concealed pain on ones face, as they watch their Mothers quickly create a portion for the guest by reducing each already served  portion. 
However the frown is quickly forgotten about as everyone consumes their portion or if unlucky a disgruntled Uncle will speak against the uninvited guest and his timing, which creates a suppressed giggle particularly from the children. 


Anyway back to my conversation with my friend and about the varieties of fresh bread in Ghana, particularly at dawn. The conversation quickly went into which bread was each others favourite and filling. I echoed I prefer Tea bread with Chiibom (Ghanaian Omelette), my friend stated she preferred her Chiibom in butter bread.


We were chatting away about 10pm when I decided to get some bread flour from my local convenience store and bake my Tea bread for breakfast. The joys of being a Chef and giving into your cravings.
Here we are with the results of my conversation from last time.
Recipe for the Tea bread and Chiibom are already available on my blog. 

1 Tea bread loaf 
Peeled and mashed Avocado or thinly sliced Avocado
200g of Chiibom or the Ghanaian Omelette 


Slice your warm Tea bread length ways ways and in half.
Smear the bread with the Avocado butter or layer the bread with thinly sliced Avocados.

Add the Omelette, divide in two and enjoy!


Enjoy this with a Papaya and Lime smoothie for breakfast. 

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