Sunday, 23 July 2017


Friday evenings are my favourite days when it comes to trying new recipes. The idea of using leftovers to create a dish, (before the weekly shop on Saturday morning) fills me excitement. 
I spend each working day in the office dealing with Insurance and weekends are for nursing my passion of cooking and creating new recipes. 
Today was no exception as I had some pre-marinated Chicken wings in my homemade Piri Piri sauce in the fridge. 

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Most people will agree with me, when it comes to spending less time cooking on a Friday evening and more time eating, drinking and spending time with family and or friends. 
This recipe is perfect for any social setting and can be enjoyed with my Portuguese rice recipe, preferably using Chicken legs or salad. 

Ever since I made this Piri Piri sauce, I can assure you I've not been Nandos for a while. I created this recipe solely from using my taste buds and getting it closer to the Nandos Peri Peri, or Piri Piri marinade or sauce. 
You can use any part of the Chicken, however I find the whole leg as the best part, as its moist and more flavoursome. 
Making your own Piri Pri sauce or marinade is cost effective and it can be reserved in a tight closed container for at most 2 weeks in the fridge. 

Best to marinade your Chicken, before you go to work, to allow an easy cook and a reward of a flavoursome dish later in the evening. 

15 cleaned Chicken Wings
100g of Piri Piri marinade
1 teaspoon of salt

To serve
100g Piri Piri sauce
200g of Portuguese rice
Grilled Corn 

Place the Chicken wings in a bowl with its lid and add the Piri Piri marinade. Best to marinade this overnight or for a minimum of 2 hrs.

Don't add the salt at this stage, when marinating, as it will extract the moisture from the Chicken.
Add the salt when you're ready to prepare the wings. 

Place a grill pan on a medium heat for 3 minutes. Add the Chicken wings and grill on a very low heat for 12-15 minutes on each side. Turn the wings after every 6 minutes and baste it with some more marinade. Repeat the process till the wings are golden brown and cooked through. 
Alternatively you can barbecue the wings for the same amount of time. If you don't have a griddle pan, grill in the oven at 180*c for 25-30 minutes. 

Once cooked serve your wings with the PIRI PIRI sauce , salad and Portuguese rice.

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