Thursday, 1 January 2015

Recipe for my Ginger, Honey and Orange Juice

A simple blend of Ginger, honey and Orange juice is refreshing and a great source of antioxidants.
Buying the best quality (if you can, use organic produce) fruit for this recipe is highly recommended, as you can omit the honey and the natural sweetness of the fruit enhance the taste. 
If yo use   
 Kick start your metabolism first thing in the morning. You can replace the orange with pineapple for an equally great tasting juice.


20g of ginger ( depending on how mild or hot you want your juice, you can alter the quantity of ginger)
1 litre freshly squeezed orange juice or Pineapple juice
1 tablespoon of honey (Optional)

In a blender add the ginger and orange juice and blend together

Add the honey, pulse and taste. If your drink needs more honey, then add some more. I prefer a slight sour taste to my drinks, hence I omit the ginger.

Investing in a good blender is a must. My personal preference for the perfect blender manufacturer is 'Vitamix'. It blends everything into a smooth and silky taste, hence you don't need to strain your juice. 

On the other hand if your blender doesn't give a silky smooth finish, follow the process below;

Strain the juice to remove any threads the ginger might have.

Blend the strained juice again to get the frothy look 

Pour in a pasteurised bottle and refrigerate.

Use within 3 days

Best served chilled with a slice of lime or lemon

Ginger, Honey and Orange Juice Blend