Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Palm Wine hug (La Villa Boutique)

Part 2 of the Palm Wine hug series...

The hugs , chuckles, never ending chit chats from my Mum and cousins were intoxicating. 
We had to wait for my husband, who arrived on a later flight (work obligations). I quickly said my byes for now to my family as my husband and I followed Melissa to La Villa Boutique (sponsors of The African Chefs tour) where we'll spend a week. 
The air conditioned car became a necessity and the drive from the airport to the hotel was intriguing. I could hardly recognise the roads as there were new developments and changes since my last visit.  
I couldn't wait to explore the city of Accra, however I knew I had limited time before the show and planning was essential. 

We checked into the hotel about 11pm and met the owners (the descendants of the first generation of Italians to settle in Ghana), the curt introduction from Melissa was appreciated (after a long day), was met a handshake and pleasantries. 
A heart full conversation ensued about Italy as I enthused about Sicily, (my favourite place) touching on Bronte Pistachios from Catania and the amazing Arancini balls; A far cry from my hesitation of getting into a long conversation.

A chilled Club beer (my favourite beer in Ghana) with Beef Suya was a perfect addition to our chats late into the night. We retired to bed with the noise of crickets, woke up to the noise of a Cockerel from a nearby home and the sounds of birds chirping. 
I quickly made us a cup of mint tea as we sat on the balcony to enjoy the beautiful natural noise and watch the sun rise. The serene atmosphere was quickly disturbed  and replaced with the sound of engines and tooting of the local bus (locally known as Trotro). This was going to be our home for the next seven days and I was impressed by the surroundings.

Breakfast was my favourite part at the hotel and I enjoyed the varied options of fruits, Teas, Waakye (A Ghanaian dish made from rice and beans) English and Italian breakfast on display. Breakfast was fun especially when I ordered for my scrambled eggs (insisting I needed it creamy and not overdone) or an omelette coupled with little chit chats with the Chef. 

The occasional appearance of a Ghanaian celebrity and the opportunity to see who else stayed in the hotel was intriguing. 

What I particularly loved about the hotel was their love for the Arts , particularly the beautiful display of paintings , sculptures and artefacts from local artists. Naturally,  purchasing a few paintings and sculptures was a must, one that's proudly displayed in our home. 

The pool at the hotel has an aquamarine hue which projects a romantic and exotic atmosphere, with Palm trees dotted around it . 

The garden is breathtaking and well thought of and looked after.  I'm a keen gardener and did appreciate their efforts of maintaining such beautiful garden.

The hotel is perfectly located in Osu , a busy suburb of Accra filled with restaurants, street food hawkers, night clubs, Wine Bars, Cafes, boutiques etc. 

The cost of staying at La Villa Boutique hotel is value for money and the interiors of the rooms are beautifully designed. 

The service offered and the friendliness of the staff made my stay a memorable one.   I'll definitely stay there again.