Sunday, 6 November 2016


The first time I discovered Prickly Pear or Cactus fruit was in Sicily, where it was served as part of a fruit salad for breakfast. It had an unusual taste for a fruit, as it was moorish. The fruit had an outer soft shell that had to be peeled before eaten. Upon pealing you ended up with its flesh mixed with seeds which had a similar texture to Guava.   
Each morning we had a different colour of the Prickly Pear ranging from Green, Yellow or Orange and the level of sweetness differed with each colour. I couldn't help but engage the owner of the B&B to educate me about this fruit. 
The owner's name was 'Toto' (you could imagine my suppressed giggle and maintaining of my composure when he introduced himself). As languages go, his name when translated into one of the languages of Ghana, describes a females body part 😳.
Anyway with keen ears I listened to him educate me about the benefits of the fruit and why he chose to serve it for breakfast.
Prickly pears as it turns out are rich in Vitamin C and fibre which helps the digestive system and boost ones immune system. A perfect remedy for this cold weather.


You can imagine my excitement when I found them in my local grocer. Naturally I bought a few and started to imagine the various concoctions I could create. My preference is to shop in my local grocer as I get a personalised service, discover new ingredients and a free education about my new discovery. There are various ways to use the fruit which includes marmalade, drinks or eaten raw. Enjoy this tasty recipe I've concocted with my imagination and understanding of flavours.



4 peeled Prickly Pears
2 Passion fruits
400ml of Coconut water
1 teaspoon of cane sugar (Optional)
Crushed ice 
A sprig of mint for decoration 


The anatomy of the peeled and sliced Prickly Pear.
The decision to include Passion fruit was to lend the drink a slight tangy and sweeter taste. I prefer the recipe without Sugar but you can choose to add some, to your preference.


Place the sliced Prickly Pear into a bowl. Using a spoon or a fork crush into a mushy texture. Slice your Passion fruit in two and scoop its contents into the bowl. 


Add the cane sugar (optional) and Coconut juice. C Stir till well combined, cover with cling film and refrigerate till you need it. 

Once you're ready to serve, pass the juice through a strainer and serve into a Cocktail glass or an empty Jam jar. Add the crushed ice and decorate with a sprig of mint for that 'Je ne said quoi' quality. 👌🏾

For a cocktail version add a splash of Vodka or Gin.

 All photos and recipes are by the owner of this blog.

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