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Fermented Corn meal porridge, popularly referred to as 'Koko' or 'Kooko' in Ghana, is the quickest gluten free porridge to enjoy at breakfast. 
This recipe has the chaff removed for a silky smooth finish. Alternatively prepare the porridge without separating the chaff, which then gives the porridge its fibre content. 

Even though this is a straight forward recipe, it's easy to end up with a lumpy porridge. 

The only way to prevent a lumpy porridge is to constantly stir the mixture till it's cooked. Interestingly enough there's something gratifying from enjoying a bowl of hot Koko after dinner. The texture and beautiful taste derived from  adding roasted Peanuts or Groundnuts to the porridge makes it addictive. 

My Uncle enjoys a bowl of this porridge before he goes to bed every day; it's his version of a 'warm milk'.
The level of consistency of the porridge depends on your personal preference. If you wish for a thicker consistency, then use less water and for a lighter version, you add a bit more water. You can also choose to add milk to your porridge; if so, use 25ml less of water for this recipe and replace it with 25 ml of milk.

I've served this Porridge with Bofrot/Boflot/Doughnuts which is also a popular pairing in Ghana. 

Find recipes for both the wet and dry Ghanaian doughnuts on my blog and YouTube channel 'Ndudu by Fafa'

60g of fermented milled Corn meal
250ml of water
2 Grains of Selim (Hwentia) optional 
1 tablespoonful of Sugar
Quarter of a teaspoon of salt


Place the corn meal and water into a bowl. Mix till well combined.

Using a colander and another bowl, strain the corn juice off its chaff. Repeat the process of straining till you have a smooth juice. 


Pour the smooth corn juice into a saucepan, add the salt and place on a medium heat. 

Using a wooden spatula, continue to stir the corn juice till you have a thick double cream consistency.

It's imperative to consistently stir the mixture, till its cooked. This is to prevent a lumpy porridge.

Add the Grains of Selim and Sugar to the porridge and continue to stir for another minute. 

Serve whilst hot , (discarding the Grains of Selim) with freshly made doughnut for that traditional Ghanaian breakfast or roasted Peanuts.

 Watch how to make the Corn meal porridge below;

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