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'Angwa Mo' is simply rice fried and cooked in oil. 'Angwa Mo' is a classic favourite of most Ghanaians as it's a flavourful and quick recipe to follow.


The rice is usually cooked with (salted beef) and served with omelette and or tinned Sardines. The inclusion of salted beef gives the rice an umami flavour which works perfectly with the browned onions.

Ideally using Thai fragrant rice (popularly known as perfumed rice in Ghana) for this recipe gives the dish an aromatic flavour. You can use long grain or basmati rice as a substitute. 


The browning of the Onions gives the rice a golden colour and sweet flavour to the dish. Frying the diced salted beef gives the beef a nice crunch, allows the beef to take on the sweet flavour of the Onions and slight heat from the chillies. The crunchy bottom of the rice is incredible and everyone will fight for a portion.


In the absence of salted beef, you can use salted Ham or Fish like Koobi (dried salted Tilapia), however for that authentic Ghanaian flavour, you need your salted beef. You can find the salted beef at most African grocers in London.
Alternatively make your own salted Beef, by watching the video below;

I've used smoked Ham and Coconut oil for a creative recipe, where I served it with pan seared Duck. Recipe coming soon .

The amount of oil used for this dish is more than necessary and can be reduced. The quantity of oil used, is to ensure the cooked rice, maintains a perfect glossy sheen. You can  substitute the Sunflower oil for Coconut oil (for a healthier version).

If you're using the salted Beef, be mindful of the amount of salt you use. Once you add the water, taste to ensure it's perfectly seasoned. If not add a few pinches of salt at a time (not more than half a levelled teaspoon) to the recipe.
I washed my salted Beef under cold water for a few seconds to get rid of any excess salt (this enabled me to control the amount of salt I used).


The intoxicating smell of the oiled  rice could make your tummy rumble and send off an open invitation to your neighbors. Don't be surprised if you get a knock on your door, when you try this recipe. 


20ml of Sunflower oil
200g of washed Thai fragrant rice (Perfumed rice)
250ml of warm water
20g of diced salted Beef
6 Pettie Belle Chillies (Kpakpo shito)
Half a teaspoon of salt


Wash your rice till the water runs clear.
Place a saucepan with the oil on a medium heat.
Once hot, add the Onions and fry till it starts to brown.


Just when the Onion starts to brown add the salted Beef , Chillies and fry for 2 minutes.


Add the washed rice and fry for 3 minutes.

Add the water and increase the heat to a higher setting.
Once the rice starts to boil, cover it with a grease proof paper or foil.

Decrease the heat to the lowest setting, cover the saucepan with its lid to trap the steam.

Leave the rice to cook (don't be tempted to lift the lid) for 20-25 minutes.


The secret to having a fluffy and perfectly cooked rice is to let it cook in its own steam.

Watch how prepare this dish below; 

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Once cooked and perfect set aside and start preparing your Omelette.

Find the Omelette recipe here.

Serve the Angwa mo with Omelette , Sardines and enjoy it with a refreshing homemade Lemonade.

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