Friday, 22 September 2017


The  Ghanaian Chicken light soup is a firm favourite mostly at weekends. People  tend to enjoy it with Fufu which is labour intensive in its preparation, hence the choice of enjoying it at weekends, where one has more time.

I've taken the hassle away from making fresh Fufu, with a pounded texture but no pounding required. 
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I've tried to use various Organic Chickens for my soup to achieve the  'Efi3 Akuko' taste, that most authentic Ghanaian Chicken soup have. The closest to achieving that taste is by using the Duchy Organic Chicken from Waitrose. Please note you can use any Chicken you can afford.

Treat yourself to a bowl of fresh Fufu with light soup this weekend and hashtag #Ndudu to be featured.

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1.2kg of Organic Chicken
30g of Ginger
1 Habanero Chilli 
1 teaspoon of Aniseed
1 large Onion
1.5 litres of Chicken stock or 2 stock cubes with 1.5 litres of water
40g of Tomato paste or purée 
1 large fresh Tomatoes 
6 halved Garden eggs
10 Kpakposhito or Pettie belle chillies
20g of fresh Basil
3 stalks of Hwentia or Grains of Selim
Salt to taste

Watch how to make this recipe in the video below;

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