Friday, 13 October 2017


Akple and Fetri detchi is the traditional dish of Ewes from Ghana and Togo. Nigerians also do enjoy this dish, which isn't surprising, as Ewes also settled in the Northern parts of Nigeria before migrating to their current settlements. 

Honestly there are various ways of creating this delicacy and it's Gluten free.
You'll find various creative recipes here on my blog and YouTube channel, hence you're spoilt for choice.

Akple is made from milled corn mixed with Cassava dough and Fetri detchi is made from Okro, your preferred meat or vegetables and spices.
It's a perfect match , however you can substitute the Akple for Eba (which is made from Gari) or Rice.
Be adventurous if you've never tried this Ghanaian dish. 

There's a knack to enjoying the soup, which includes one circling their fingers to prevent a messy eat. A perfect excuse to befriend an Okra eating connoisseur. 😜

Watch how to make Okro soup on my YouTube channel 'Ndudu by Fafa'. 
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