Thursday, 14 December 2017


What do you mean by the ‘ Ghanaian fried Rice recipe’? With a cheeky grin, I described the recipe was inspired by the Ghanaian boarding school experience.

 One had to enjoy their black chilli sauce (Shito) with most things including boiled rice (after sneaking it out of the dinning room to our various dormitories). 
I particularly enjoyed mixing my Rice with Sardines, the Black Chilli sauce and wish I could add some sliced Onions. 
As I looked into my fridge for something quick for lunch, I decided to create this recipe. Funny how ones experience shapes their decisions for the future. I decided to also film the recipe with the limited time I had, before I went to work.
Watch how to prepare the perfect Coconut rice below, which works perfectly with this recipe.

The best tasting Black Chilli sauce (Shito) recipe is available on my YouTube channel, ‘Ndudu by Fafa’.
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I decided to use cured Beef for this recipe, since it’s what I had available. The Beef was cured only for 12 hours, hence wasn’t as salty. Please avoid adding Salt if you’re using cured Beef. You can use any Meat, poultry, Fish or Seafood for this recipe. Be creative!


1 teaspoonfull of Coconut oil
250g of boiled Rice
2 tablespoonful of Black Chilli sauce (Shito)
180g of thinly sliced Sirloin steak
1 deseeded and diced Green Pepper
2 Eggs

Watch how to make this easy to follow recipe on my YouTube channel below;

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