Monday, 18 December 2017


20 years ago I was served a few cuts of grilled steak , which was to rare for my liking. Over the years I learnt to appreciate the flavour in each stage of the meat cooking. I found the well done Meat was tougher to chew and began appreciating the medium cooked stage of the meat.

Over the years I've learnt it's more of a personal preference and you can't force one to eat the meat the way you deem fit. 
Most of my friends will instruct I cook their meat thoroughly and didn't want to see any 'Pinkness' or 'Redness' (It was best to serve them Chicken or Guinea fowl instead). 

This recipe has the meat at a Medium, Medium rare and Rare state. If you wish to cook your meat for longer, you can for an extra 4 minutes to guarantee you a moist meat.
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1Kg T Bone steak 
2 tablespoons of Suya spice
1 teaspoonful of Chipotle chilli
! teaspoon of Avocado oil
Half a teaspoon of Salt to taste

Watch how to cook your perfect Steak below; 

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