Tuesday, 19 December 2017


A typical day involves me waking up at 5am to edit my videos, upload them and make my way to work. This day is slightly different as I’m on my way to the BBC WORLD SERVICE office to embarrass myself, by participating in their annual food quiz show. The show is about asking the most obscure food questions that are difficult to answer and watch individuals squirm to produce an answer 🙈. 

Whilst the video is uploading, I’ve decided to write this recipe as I sit comfortably in the back of a taxi. A perfect distraction to my nerves 😳.

Anyway, since it’s Christmas soon, what better way to make your Turkey with the Ndudu twist. The flavours used in this recipe complements the Turkey perfectly. You’ll end up with a citrusy, aromatic and slightly nutty tasting Turkey.

Cooking time;
20 minutes for every 450g and an extra 20 minutes to rest the Turkey, before serving.

The Turkey pairs well with my golden roasted Plantain  and Kilombero Jollof Rice recipe, coming soon. 
You have enough time to buy the necessary ingredients to emulate this recipe. In the unlikely chance you have difficulty in sourcing some of the ingredients, leave a comment below and I’ll try to help with alternatives. 


1.4kg of Turkey (serves 6 people)
30g of chopped fresh Rosemary or 1 tablespoonful of dry Rosemary 
30g of fresh Oregano or 1 teaspoonful of dry Oregano.
Peel of 1 large Orange 
2 tablespoons of Suya spice mix (Watch video on my YouTube channel, ‘Ndudu by Fafa’.
250g of Butter
1 teaspoon of mixed spice 
1 tablespoon of Salt 
1 litre of Chicken stock (optional)

Watch how to prepare the perfect Turkey below;

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