Friday, 15 December 2017


The Ewe's of Ghana have their Amorkple (where the corn dough is slightly fermented) with Ademe Dessi and the Northerner's of Ghana have Tuo Zaafi with Ayoyo.

Similar ingredients are used in preparing the above dishes, however they do taste differently and that’s the beauty of most Ghanaian dishes. 
Preparing this dish was a natural progression, considering I had fresh Molokhia leaves. 
Tuo Zaafi is gluten free, light, fluffy and kind to ones stomach.
It’s served with Ayoyo , which is a  Green leaf soup (Molokhia leaves) with a Miso taste and a flavour packed stew.

Watch how to make the tastiest Lamb  stew below;

125g of Corn flour
125g of Cassava flour
500ml of Water
400g of Molokhia leaves 
1 large Onion
1 Habanero Chilli or 10 Pettie Belle Chillies
400ml of Fish, Beef or Lamb stock
1 tablespoonful of Shrimp powder 
Half a teaspoon of Dawadawa powder
Salt to taste 

Watch how to prepare this dish below; 

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