Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Homemade Chicken stock

Making your own stock is the best way of using left over herbs and spices. 
I prefer to buy my free range, corn fed Chicken, whole. I find this option cost effective as every part of the Chicken is used up. 

After dissecting the Chicken, into breast and legs (making 2 large portioned meals for 2), I freeze the carcass till I have enough to make a 2 litre stock. 
The stock can be used for soups, sauces, jus, couscous, rice, quinoa etc. 
The herbs can be changed, depending on what's available to you. Try growing your own herbs and be adventurous with your choices. My unusual herb for this season is the 'Pineapple Sage',which accompanies most dishes. Subscribe to my blog and YouTube page 'Ndudu by Fafa', for recipe updates. 

From top right; Bay leaves, Tri colour Sage, Rosemary, Juniper berries, Cardamom, Grains of Selim and Pineapple Sage. 

4 leaves of Pineapple Sage
4 leaves of Tri colour Sage ( alternatively use normal Sage)
Any leftover Parsley or Coriander
20g of fresh Ginger
4 cloves of Garlic
2 medium sized Shallots (mine started sprouting, however it was still firm, however if it's too soft, just use the sprouts)
4 Grains of Selim
3 Green Cardamom pods
1 Red/Green Chilli
4 Juniper berries
3 litres of water
3 Chicken carcasses Or 1.5kg of Chicken wings

Pour 3 litres of water to a saucepan
Add all the ingredients and place on a medium heat. 

Cook gently for 45 minutes and set aside
Strain the stock through a colander
Use in any recipe that requires stock and freeze the remainder for 2 weeks. 

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