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'Waakye'is made from boiled black eyed beans and rice which is infused with millet leaves for its distinctive brown colour. The Carribeans have their version of 'rice and peas'.  Waakye is a popular street food in Ghana, that's readily available mid morning till lunch time. 
Waakye is usually served with a spicy slow cooked tomato sauce, black pepper sauce (Shito), Spaghetti tossed in the spicy tomato sauce, Gari (made from cassava) tossed in the spicy tomato sauce, fried fish, fried meat, Eggs, Avocado, green salad with onions and fried Plantain.

 It's rather a decadent and flavourful dish , which encourages indulgence, hence the varied toppings. 

Try making your own with this easy to follow recipe.

Serves 6

600g black eyed beans soaked overnight 
1.2 litres of water
1 teaspoon of bicarbonate soda (optional)
300g of washed basmati or long grain rice
1 teaspoon of salt
5 stalks of washed dried millet leaves ( this lends the Waakye a burgundy colour)
6 cleaned Waakye leaves for serving (optional)
You can get most ingredients from your local supermarket or specialist African grocers.

Soaked black eyed beans

Add the beans and water to a saucepan. 
Place the saucepan on a medium heat and cook the beans for 40 minutes or until el dente ( meaning the bean still has a bite).
(The beans needs to be el dente as it will cook further with the rice).

 Millet leaves 

Add the washed rice, millet stalks , bicarbonate of soda (optional) and salt. 
Cover the saucepan and bring everything to a boil. Once it's boiled , reduce the heat to a low setting, cover with a grease proof paper and the lid. 

Cook for a further 25 minutes and turn the heat off. 

Typically Waakye is served in leaves, which adds an aromatic flavour to the dish. 

This is a perfect family sharing dish which is best  eaten together from the same bowl or leaves. Best with an iced cold water and a slither of lemon . 

De constructed Waakye

Watch the full video for Waakye Fried Rice on my Youtube page, Ndudu by Fafa. Click on the link below,

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