Friday, 31 March 2017


Dinner was grilled Harissa crusted Mackerel with new potatoes and  I wanted something sweet. 
I'm not one for sweet things , however there's a time a lady will give into their  cravings for something sweet. I settled for hot Chocolate, using my Ghanaian Cocoa powder. 
I was sipping my hot Chocolate and my thoughts escaped to my childhood 

'You'll be late for school, stop playing with your Tea' (hot Chocolate made from Milo/Cocoa Powder or Bournvita'). 

'Why was every beverage named tea' and Mackerel, Salmon? Who am I kidding, I also described the above the same way , till I knew better 🙈

I had to smile at this memory, as I knew I wanted to distract my Mum to enable me freeze the rest of my hot chocolate.

Bless, I did give flimsy excuses of 'I can't find my bag or hide my school shoes etc (much to the annoyance of my Mum) to buy me enough time to freeze the 'hot chocolate'. At times one was caught in the act 🙈 most times I managed to add
the 'chewing stick' for the perfect lolly or use my spoon. 
All this kerfuffle was for one to enjoy an Ice lolly after school. 

I was half way through my hot chocolate and decided to freeze the rest in homage to my childhood. Thankfully I had some 'chewing stick ' and bingo I was looking forward to my Chocolate Ice lolly the next day. 


Indulgent option 

100ml of double cream
200ml of whole milk
3 heaped tablespoons of Cocoa powder / Milo
1 teaspoon of brown Sugar

My childhood ingredients

2 heaped teaspoonful of Milo or Cocoa Powder 
1 teaspoon of brown sugar (or more depending on your preference)
3 tablespoons of evaporated milk
200ml of hot water 

Indulgent Method 

Mix the Cream, Sugar and Milk together in a saucepan 
Place the saucepan on a medium heat and warm up for 5 minutes 
Add the Cocoa powder and mix well. 

Childhood method

Add the Milo/Bournvita/Cocoa Powder to a mug.
Add the sugar and milk and stir. 
Add the warm water and stir till smooth. 

Pour your preferred chocolate drink method into a teacup and insert a chewing stick or a lolly stick. 


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