Saturday, 13 August 2016

Dine with Chef Fafa

Imagine seating in a rustic English Pub watching Chef Fafa rustle each individual dish, that is presented to you?

Imagine the waitress explaining the concept of the experience as each dish is presented to you beautifully.

Imagine exploring familiar flavours, different textures and new flavours as you polish off each plate.

Turn your imagination into a reality and join Chef Fafa on (27th of August, 2016) an elaborate 8 course meal in a four hour seating. 
The Lunch experience starts from 1pm till 5pm and Dinner starts at 7pm till 11pm. 

You've followed my recipes, cookery show, YouTube page, now book a ticket and enjoy dishes like Koobi Bocconcini , Cocoyam & Orange soup and more creative African dishes.

Tickets are available on my website

Please note there are limited number of tickets available, hence early purchase is highly recommended.

Don't hesitate to spread the word and share.

27th of August, 2016

Lunch 1pm prompt till 5pm
Dinner 7pm prompt till 11pm

The Bloated Mallard
147 High Street
Hampton Hill
TW12 1NJ

From Waterloo get the train to Fulwell. Get the bus R70 to Bloated Mallard.


Chilled Cocoyam & Orange soup with Lemon Thyme infused Cocoyam crisps (V)

Herb infused Koobi (Salted dried Tilapia) with Mozzarella Bocconcini & Apple sauce

Coconut infused chilled black-eyed beans soup served with herby Gari toppings (V)

Plantain cake with a Ginger infused white Crabmeat topping

Sticky Jollof rice with Beef Ragu and Suya Toppings

Yam and spiced Paneer Sag (V)

Agbeli Kaklo with an Applesauce & Chilli flakes topping

Panacotta with grilled Mangoes. (V)