Wednesday, 22 March 2017


In my previous post on how to make Biryani rice, I used my own Biryani spice blend, which worked perfectly.
The Biryani spice blends I researched about were varied. Some included Garlic and Ginger powder and others had dried Prunes. I made this blend with the ingredients I had available, which turned out well.  This spice blend gives you medium heat level.


1 tablespoonful of Curry powder 
1 tablespoonful of Garam Masala
10g of Mace
10g of Black Peppercorns 
10g of Green Cardamoms 
10g of Black Cardamoms 
1 tablespoonful of Chilli flakes or 1 teaspoonful of Chilli powder 
2 Cinnamon sticks
1 tablespoonful of Cumin seeds
8 cloves
1 tablespoonful of Caraway seeds
1 tablespoonful of Ginger powder 
1 tablespoonful of Garlic Powder 
5 bay leaves
6g of Black salt or a teaspoonful of Sea salt


Toast the Cumin seeds, black Peppercorns and  Caraway seeds in a dry frying pan for  45 seconds on a high heat. This releases the oils of the spiced.

Transfer all the ingredients (with the exception of the Bay leaves and Black salt) into a spice grinder.


Using a pestle and mortar grind the Black salt rock into a powder form and set aside.

Blend the spice mix into a powder form , whilst the aromatic smell fills your Kitchen, hmm!


Transfer the spice blend into a bowl and add the powdered Black salt to taste.
Mix everything together till well combined.
Using a pair of scissors, cut your Bay leaves in 4 and add to the blend. 


I used fresh Bay leaves hence leaving it in chunks. If you're using the dry ones, mix a few leaves with the spices before blending. Reserve a bit for decorating your spice blend.
Transfer any leftover spice blend into an air tight container for future uses. 
Use your spice blend when recommended by a recipe and freeze the rest till when next you need it. 

Freezing your spices ensures it keeps its freshness for longer. When needed just warm it through to release the oils and aroma. 

Next on the blog will be how to make your own Ghee.

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