Wednesday, 8 March 2017


You're excused, you have my undivided attention with my hands akimbo and 'side eye' activated. Before you preach I'll start, just in case you stop listening. 
I stand tall, I look up for inspiration and whenever I look down, its to help pull someone up. 

What did you just say? My body language exudes aggression. Let me stop you there; Yes, I just interrupted you. SIDE EYE again...


I could just kiss my teeth at you but;
I'm told its nice to run, support my breast with one hand and continue to carry my quest for freedom with the other hand. 
I have no free hands to kiss your cheeks with my palm, then again that will mean I'm aggressive and angry. Sigh! 

I'm told to hold it together and bite my tongue.
I'm told its not lady like to be angry, hence my response has to be deliberately calm and measured. 

What? I'm crying, hot tears running down my cheeks, this isn't fair. When did tears ever solve anything? Wipe your tears away and never with the back of your hand (use a clean tissue). 
What? A clean tissue, like right now in the middle of my mini crisis? Why did I even cry? It's not worth crying, with these sneaky terms and conditions. I have no tissues, more so a clean one. SIDE EYE!

I'm calm, I'm a lady, I'm intelligent, I'm emotionally smart and I know what you're doing. I won't fall in your trap, rather I'll show you the mystery of being a Woman. 

Watch me use the back of my hand (in the absence of a tissue) clean my tears. It's only a temporary measure.

Watch me walk away with my hands akimbo as my confidence grow.

Watch me run with my hands free in the air with the knowledge of how great a person I am. 
Watch me silently sing my heart out full of appreciation.

Watch me deliberately use simple words to educate you, knowing how wise a person I am. 

Now look up, yes its me! Don't be shocked, its the same hand (remember) 'here is your pay cheque'. 

I'll start the conversation this time with a clipped smile.(Wisdom)
Your body language exudes ........ NO!

Instead I'll say 'well done for working hard' and I'll keep the not 'smart' part in my head. (Maturity).

Happy International Woman's Day!

Feel free to continue the story....