Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Plantains are rich in fibre (which is good for your digestive system), Potassium, ( which regulates your heart beat and helps your muscles to work effectively) Vitamin A (which is good for eyes), Vitamin C (helps boost your immune system) to mention but a few. Plantains are similar in calories to Potatoes, however they contain more nutrients to Potatoes. 

Try switching your Potatoes to Plantains the next time you visit your local grocer. Plantains can be enjoyed when unripened (Green), ripened (when it's Yellow) and Over ripened (when it turns black). 
This recipe used the unripened Green Plantain which served with any soup of your choice. 

2 Green peeled and cubed Plantains
150ml of Water

A very good blender like a Vitamix.
A flat wooden ladle
Heavy bottomed saucepan 

Watch how to prepare the fresh Plantain Fufu recipe below;

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