Friday, 19 January 2018


A few pleasantries with my butcher,  as he handed over my purchases, did I notice this African inspired packaging. I told my butcher to hold his thoughts as I quickly picked a pack of the Malawian rice and queried him about it. This was my first time of hearing about this rice. My butcher assured me of its aromatic flavour as I quickly paid for the rice.
It did cost me £4.00 for 1kg.  I knew this was expensive as I could get 10kg of Basmati rice for about £13.
My drive home had me thinking, why that price tag? I guessed it had to do with the cost of importing it here.
Upon open the bag, I noticed the aromatic smell and I fell in love there and then. The price tag didn’t matter, it’s much better than Thai Fragrant rice. I decided to make the simple Ghanaian rice porridge. The aroma that filled my Kitchen was a fusion between caramel and baking fresh bread. 
I’ve found my perfect short grain rice👌🏾
Naturally, I searched for the product online and purchased a few at a cheaper price.
I decided to use the Kilombero rice for this Ghana Jollof as I wanted my Jollof to be aromatic.
I’ve used the short grain type of this rice for the recipe, which has a higher starch content. The starch content gives you a soft pliable rice when cooked. 
Let’s start cooking 

350g of Kilombero rice
500ml of Vegetable stock or Water
1 tablespoon of a Ginger, Onion and Carom seed blend
280g of Tomato stew (Recipe on my YouTube channel)
1 teaspoonful of Salt to taste


Watch how to prepare this aromatic Ghana Jollof rice with Malawian rice below;

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