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'Shito' in the Ga language from the capital Accra, Ghana, West Africa means 'Chillies'. There are variations of the Chilli sauces in Ghana, ranging from the fresh type (which is more of a spicy, ground Salsa in an earthen clay bowl ) to the cooked variation which is the black Chilli sauce and Kpakpo Shito (The Green Chilli sauce). The sauces are usually enjoyed with Kenkey, Grills, Banku , Yam etc.

This recipe is for the famous Green Chilli sauce, known as 'Kpakpo shito'. It's known as 'Kpakpo shito' due to the type of Chillies used in preparing the sauce. Kpakpo shito are Pettie Belle Chillies, which have a unique spicy and fragrant taste. You can use other Green Chillies for this recipe particularly Jalapenos, however it's best to get the Pettie Belle Chillies for this recipe. 

I've included Green peppers in this recipe to help reduce the spiciness of the sauce, however this can be omitted completely or replaced with Green Tomatoes. 
The sauce has been microwaved for 20 minutes, to allow the sauce to maintain it's fresh Green colour. 

Most people will include Stock cube to the sauce, however I've omitted that. You can use powdered Shrimp instead. This recipe is an inspiring one, hence you have the flexibility of been creative. 

50g of  Pettie Belle Chillies
1 large Onion
1 clove of Garlic
10g of fresh Ginger
30g of Green Peppers
Half a teaspoon of Salt
20g of Coconut oil


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